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Let's Get Moving​!

It's been a long time you've been exercising and you are still feeling less than fit... it's been several years you've been playing soccer and you are feeling like your feet are have written down your fitness resolutions for the year but you are far from achieving are a competitive tennis player, but need better footwork and balance to take your game to the next level...You've come to the right place and it is never too late. No matter what your goal is, getting into shape, or training for the next tournament, you can perform better when you train with Sport & Beyond coaches. Through one-to-one, group, or online sessions, Sport & Beyond trainers will transform your fitness to new heights and help you pursue your ultimate goal, even surpass it. No matter what your age and ability, we are specialized in customizing training programs per individual needs to reach full potential and perform better. Trainings involve full body workouts that will take your strength, balance, agility, speed and flexibility to a higher level. Footwork is a crucial element of Sport and Beyond programs and that every individual can improve regardless of age and ability. As Bruce Lee said: "The essence of fighting is the art of moving." So, let's get moving together!

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Sport & Beyond Beach Fitness

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Mar 25 | 3:30pm

Laguna Beach

About Us

As an UC Berkeley graduate and over 15 years in fitness and athlete training, Coach Karslioglu comes with a stupendous knowledge and experience. Yet, he is most famous with his endless energy that motivates everyone around him. His passion for sports fitness cannot be easily encountered. Coach Karslioglu trained countless athletes from ITF tennis players to fencing champions, from academy soccer players to synchronized swimmers.   

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Phone: (562) 243-8233

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